Tuesday, 26 February 2013

video reponses

There are  video responses to part 1 of the documentary


one of the videos, posted recently, is entitled

mark rothko and jean michel basquiat at uni freiburg   

it allegedly shows a 'real life' painting of a Rothko, hanging in a corridor, near the cleaning lady's office, some where in Germany. It is odd, and in stark contrast to the sacred space that was discussed by Schama. The second painting shown is an original by Basquiat. The uploader of the clip has posted 960 in total, ZEMDOKU

the post has received 33 views, and 3 comments

a second video response is a video, accompanied by an Italian song entitled, 

ARTE PITTURA - Yellow le Origini dell'Universo - Alessandro Giorgetti

video responses can receive likes and comments.This one has received 799 views

there is very little reference other than the colour scheme that matches a Rothko painting.

a third response refers to the music of Beethoven,used in the Schama programme. The comments do not relate to the Rothko programme and I doubt if any of the commentators actually watched the Schama doumentary.

One arts community seems to have little to do with the other arts community.

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