Monday, 25 February 2013

Simon Schama's Power of Art - Rothko, part 1 of 7

The documentary was added in 7 parts, in September 2008.
Part 1 has 278 responses (replies) and 2 video responses

Top comments received 8 likes and were posted 1 year ago. The most recent one was a week ago.
The top comment reflects on the quality of Simon Schama
a second top comment reflects on the music used in the documentary. The question relates to the composer and someone replies it is by Beethoven

Both top comments are about the sound: Schama as a commentator, the music that accompanies to images.

Comments are then listed chronologically:

  • comment about the use of bad grammar in another comment (correcting the language)
  • a comment about a comment, which has been removed: This comment has received too many negative votes
  • a comment concerning the looks of Simon Schama (John Lennon look-alike?)
  • two comments follow, criticizing the artist, the commentators expressing their dislike of the work, although they offer an appreciation of Simon Schama
  • This is followed by a few of comments expressing adoration for Rothko.
Interestingly YouTube gives both likes and dislikes to an upload, in this case Like      Dislike 14

a measure which allows for an instantaneous   impression.

A video entitled

Rothko's Evolution - Alessandro Giorgetti (Italy Art Abstract)  

 is uploaded by ART GIORGETTI· and other than the title has very little to do with Schama's programme.

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