Monday, 25 February 2013

let's get started... more than one video

In the first instance I will have a look at YouTube again, to find out if there have been any updates on the search results.

I have now come across the posting of the BBC Rothko programme by a few others:
davidwebb091370 who has split the programme in 4 parts and uploaded this in July 2011, 3 years after the first uploader, naughtycopycat. (uploaded in 2008)
A third one was also discovered, uploaded byinternationalDocs who provided the whole doc (59 mins) and was added in December 2012. This is in addition to ArtHistoryLuv who uploaded the same programme in January 2013, also the whole documentary.

Question: why does anyone want to add these programmes that are already available?

This already brings an interesting fragmentation of the experience. Accessing the documentary is driven by the search engine in You Tube (native) or from outside the site, determined by other parameters.

The viewer arrives at the doorstep of the BBC, how one enters is determined by technology, not necessarily human decision making

Note: I subsequently discovered an Italian version as well as other fragments of the same documentary.

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